Creative Education For Children

Liz Buckler, Author of The Inspired ChildThese simple, easy-to-read booklets are a perfect resource for adults (or teenagers) who want to nurture a child's creativity using inexpensive and recycled materials. For teachers the booklets integrate the Reggio Emilia approach to Early Years education with the learning areas set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage principles in both England and Wales. This gives them an essential place in every Early Years setting, to motivate further professional development.


Liz was a keynote speaker at the Montessori Schools Association National Conference. The aim of the conference was to build an atmosphere in which Montessori practitioners could reconnect with their fundamental passion for creativity. Liz's presentation combined provocative exercises and powerful core ideas to heighten our awareness of the requirement to liberate practitioners from their own constraints surrounding creativity. She also emphasised how it was important to fully engage with the 'hundred different languages' through which children express themselves; whilst remaining 'process centred' rather than concentrating on end results and open to 'calculated chaos'.

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The books are a celebration of the potentialities of self expression of young children and should be in every Montessori classroom as an inspiration and motivation for further professional development.

Barbara Isaacs
Montessori International

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